Thursday, 30 January 2014

New beginnings

Hello and welcome to my first post.

 This year has been all about firsts so far. I have this wonderful new website  with a fantastic logo, a new Etsy shop  and now a blog. All this social networking is quite stressful for a self confessed 'technophob'. Though I am getting better I think my biggest success has been building up my Facebook page.  The hours I spend on the iPad are working, honestly!

Anyway enough of the technical stuff. I hope, in this blog, to let you know about my latest work my inspirations and anything else that interests me. Anything I think you will find interesting too.

At the moment I combining two parts of my embroidery work, the serious side and the more playful.
I make banners with my serious stitching head on and when I feel the need to be more creative I love the natural world. I'm always sketching and jotting down ideas for new pieces. I'm obsessed by insects at present.

The above picture shows embroidery for a banner. I use similar techniques in all my work, that of applique and machine embroidery with added details of hand stitching. All also use silk throughout my pieces. I love its colour, weight and texture. There's also a subliminal link to insects, only recently thought about that one!

A wall butterfly.

So thanks for reading, I'm so happy I've written by first blog and I'll speak again soon.
Heather x

Monday, 20 January 2014

Hello! This is my first post.

This is my space to share my work in progress, inspiration, thoughts and musings. I hope you enjoy.