Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Solder Stitch and Turn 3rd 4th & 5th December 2015.

I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee building up the strength and enthusiasm to load my car. It's that time of the year; lots of events to prepare for, lugging boxes in and out of unknown premises, wondering if anything will sell. Will my stand be in a corner, next to the loo, in the dark ? It's all those uncertainties that making taking part in any show quite stressful.
However this one will be different, with this one I have support. Not just my lovely long suffering hubby, but two makers who have become very dear friends since I met them at a show over 5 years ago. We hit it off immediately, shared the same sense of humour and had the same worries about exhibiting our work.
 Big shows can be very expensive, you don't really have any control about so many things, where you are, foot fall etc. So one day  we decided to do it ourselves on a small scale of course but we loved the idea that we could hold the purse strings for advertising, choose the location and get exactly what we expected.
So Solder, Stitch and Turn was born, this was my husband's brainwave. Solder is Karen Adams who makes the most exquisite silver jewellery, Stitch is me and Turn the very talented Sandra Adams who works in wood.


 & Turn
Our first venture was an exhibition in Dulverton in Somerset, the space looked beautiful, we laughed and chatted for a whole week, sold work ( always a bonus) gained confidence and made plans for world domination !
We also shared a venue for Art Trek. North Devon.

A year ago Solder, Stitch & Turn at Christmas was born. We decided to create our own gallery space in an Industrial unit in South Molton, a local market town. Again my husband came to the rescue, he's quite integral to this post, he owns premises which are used for fork lift truck training. It is lovely and light will loads of space. It was a great success, again filled with fun and at one point we had a queue !
So I think I'd better end this blog and get busy packing my work, I'm so looking forward to the next three days. We have learnt so much about publicity, signage, organisation, finance, cake making ( well not the last one for me). This year we are also demonstrating our making too, if you in the area please pop in and say hello. You are sure to get a very warm, happy welcome !

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Festive Designs

For me Christmas began in August, well thinking about this year's designs at any rate.
Every year I like to create new products in embroidery and a special card to send to friends and family.
The robin is a perennial favourite, there's just something about this cheeky little bird that people love.

Last year I created a hand embroidered hoop featuring this lovely creature, so this was my starting point for 2015's designs too.
I wanted to create a product with a double function, so the robin linen heart was born.
Frosted holly and red berry holly.

Ivy heart.
Traditional Holly heart .
These linen hearts are scented with a gorgeous winter spice oil, so the smell of oranges, cinnamon and spices fills the air.  The robin is a detachable brooch made in wool and silk. The heart is pure linen embroidered and beaded. The heart hangs from a yummy velvet ribbon too.

The little robins are also available separately.
I next developed a series of linen tree hearts, these are such fun to make. They have silk applique, embroidery and tiny details of beads. I especially love the tiny faux pearls sewn around the edge. In this range are mistletoe, holly and a robin. They come in a branded envelope, so they make a great gift, easy to post too !!

The same designs are also made in a smaller size as a brooch. These make a subtle festive statement.

I hope you like my new designs, they are being added to my Etsy shop as you read or contact me through Face Book or email. Prices range from £12 to £22 plus postage.
Here's last year's best seller too, I've hatched a new batch as I love them so much !

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lucky Cats ! Maneki Neko.

As you may, or may not know,  I am a member of a Face Book group called The Arts and Crafts Emporium. This is a fantastically supportive collective of artists and designer/makers who,once a month, create work towards a common theme. This can be anything from Home & Garden to Fairy Tales and beyond. For this month's event the eclectic title is Coffee, Cakes and Kittens. I was a bit stumped until suddenly I had a light bulb moment. I looked over at the chest of drawers in my bedroom and a favourite collection caught my eye and imagination.
My lovely lucky cats, gathered from China town, charity shops and friends. I thought this would be perfect and as I drew and designed I decided I wanted to know more about the significance of the cute felines.
When we want to know something what do we do ?  We look to a well known search engine and it came up trumps with a blog all about the varieties of Maneki Neko or Lucky Cat.
The origin is primarily Japanese, but the cat has been adopted as a good luck figure in China especially for businesses. The meanings of the different colours have developed and changed over time, but to summarise; a white cat is for purity and happiness, gold for wealth and prosperity, green is for success in education, pink for romance, red to protect from illness, black to ward of evil and a three colour cat is traditionally for general good luck.
The raised paw invites money and good fortune and the cat's bib, collar and bell are for protection. Some cats carry a golden coin, or koban, this again relates to wealth.
I find the whole tradition fascinating ,  so my new cat design was born. The brooches are around 7cm, made in pure silk very appropriate for a Chinese cat don't you think ? They have lots of embroidered details and are finished with hand beading and a tiny golden bell.
 White for purity and happiness.
 Gold for prosperity and wealth.
Green for academic success.

The cats will go on sale on September 13th at the Face Book event and afterwards in my Etsy shop or by ordering directly.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Wedding Belles

I have noticed in the past few months a real upsurge in the number of my hatchlings that get to attend weddings. I suppose it's that time of the year. Whether they are nestling on a guest's outfit, hitching a ride on a delicate veil or have centre stage on the bride's dress, they are certainly getting more invites than me this Summer.

It all started with a small collection of delicate ivory and gold butterflies; these particular ones also had a layer of applied lace and dinky, micro sequins too. The end result was very classy and they were destined to flutter on a lace veil.

Earlier this year I was delighted to receive a commission, via my Etsy shop, for a complete set of Lepidoptera. These were for a bride who adored moths. Her dress was classic 1950s, with a fabulous, layered underskirt in burgundy. My brief was to create a sash for the dress, to match the bridal flowers, and a collection of smaller moths to hover in the underskirt and hairdo.
I based the design on a Rothschild Silk Moth, very appropriate as the various sizes of moth were all made in differing shades of 100% silk taffeta and satin.
The hair moths.
The sash.
Another fun commission was for a group of Liberty Belle Gem butterflies, in jewel colours, that are to be worn as an alternative to flower buttonholes.
I think this is a great idea as it also provides a keepsake for the wedding guests too.
I have also created bespoke hatchlings for wedding outfits, I loved making the moths in the picture below.

The lady had put together a gorgeous lace dress and incredible shoes and wanted a little something to perch on her hat. I love these colours, they somehow remind me of Marie Antoinette.
Other smaller items make perfect bridesmaid gifts, like the little pastel brooch or a scented butterfly heart.
Whatever you ideas, drop me a line, I like a challenge and as you can see my hatchlings just love a wedding.

Friday, 3 July 2015

The Dorset Blues !

Hello everyone, long time no blog! Work has been wonderfully hectic but I really wanted to share with you an exciting collaboration that has been happening since the beginning of May.

I was approached by a very lovely couple who were opening a garden themed shop/gallery in the gorgeous village of Corfe castle in Dorset. I just knew it was going to be something very special so I decide to create an exclusive range of work for them.

Based on the blue butterflies that inhabit the area of the Purbecks, the Dorset Blue collection was born.
I looked at 5 different species, the Adonis, the Chalkhill Blue, Speckled Blue, Holly Blue and Small Blue butterflies.

I started sketching first, creating the patterns and shapes. The next stage was developing them with individual characters, using a little artistic licence to make them suitable different. I made them first in layers of pure silk, with reverse applique, embroidery and beading.
This was closely followed by another collection using different Liberty fabrics in various blue tones.
Holly Blue and Chalkhill Blue- Liberty Collection.
The butterflies are available as brooches or as framed collections.

The collections and more loveliness can be found at Seasons Green, 14 West Street, Corfe Castle, Dorset, BH20 5HD.
A website is coming very soon.
Liberty Monarchs also available at Seasons Green.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Hatchling Hearts

Hello again, it's been a long time I know but things are very hectic here at Everitt towers. As you may know I combine my personal embroidery with making masonic banners and both sides of my work are demanding my attention. I wouldn't have it any other way and feel so fortunate to be able to make a modest living doing what I love.

Anyway new ideas are always around, sometimes I get an idea and even though I have other things to do I have to have a 'play'. One of these ideas are my hatchling hearts, these started as a gift idea for Mothers' Day. They are a soft padded heart with a ribbon hanger designed to hold your butterfly brooch when it's not being worn. I always feel a bit disappointed that brooches are kept in a drawer.
So the hatchling hanging heart holder was born, catchy name don't you think ?
The first hearts were made in calico, with toning embroidery and lots of hand beading. I had great fun matching them to butterflies. I'm delighted to say they were a great success.
After a little more experimentation, I made my first linen heart. I LOVE natural fabrics and I added a different shaped butterfly, the Liberty swallowtail.

Further developments have been adding dried lavender flowers to the cotton wadding, a new Heather Everitt Embroidery woven label for the reverse and special gift boxes.
There are a couple in my Etsy shop at the moment and I am currently working on a big retail order. So pleased when 'an idea' works out !

Sunday, 25 January 2015

A new blog for 2015

I've been quite poor at keeping my blog updated, but my New Year resolution is to improve. So here we go, it was a very busy year for me 2014, I created a new range of work, visited Liberty of London and received my first ever retail orders.

I have been thrilled at the response to my new animal collections, many of which started as commissions.
The hedgehog is made in pure wool, backed with silk and has a feature print from either Liberty of London or Kaffe Fassett. I love the way each one has its own character.

I have also introduced a red and grey squirrel, made in the same way as the hedgehog but this one has tiny hand sewn 'nut' beads.

I final change for this year is a re-design for my very popular Liberty Belle butterfly brooch, still a delicate 8cm but this time a new shape and an added detail of velvet eyespots.
All these pieces are available in my Etsy store.