Monday, 14 August 2017

They've Landed !

As you may know from my previous posts the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, creatively, happened this year. My work is for sale in Liberty of London. If you read my blog you will know that my love of all things Liberty began at the age of 7.

Well at the end of last month I finally got to see them in the 'flesh' or should that be fabric, in their new home. Lovely friends beat me to it and sent me pictures of them, but nothing could compare to the feeling of seeing them myself.

It started with this sign, proclaiming the new Haberdashery, its wonderful to see a department like this developing. I remember seeing the outrage on social media when John Lewis threatened that their habby would be going.
I felt like a child creeping downstairs on Christmas morning to unwrap their presents, except in reverse as I ascended the amazing wooden staircase towards the third floor. My heart was beating so fast and the emotion rising as I got nearer.

I walked through the door and there they were, sitting against a pale grey wall. It was so difficult to take it all in.

Inevitably, I burst into tears and my lovely hubby took a picture !

The haberdashery is glorious, with wonderful vintage tables displaying beautiful notions and materials. There are also work tables, the walls are lined with inspirational mood boards too.
I would highly recommend a visit, there is so much to see and I bet you won't be able to leave empty handed.