Saturday, 30 June 2018

A piece just for you - commssioning work.

 Out and about and fairs and events I'm often asked about commissioning work, the options, the process the costs involved etc.
I've been very fortunate to have made work for some lovely occasions; weddings, Christenings, special birthdays and a house warming.
The wonderful  thing about butterflies is that to many people they have sentimental meaning and they can also be attached to specific locations. They are a symbol of the fragility of life, rebirth  and remembrance.

Any bespoke piece starts with a conversation about the intended recipient, do they have a favourite butterfly or is this to be location based ? I then start to research species and their specific habitats. Some customers want the butterflies to have this level of accuracy, others just love a particular butterfly.
There are lots of discussions at this stage, I may send you photos or sketches of ideas to choose from. With location specific commissions, where I mount butterflies on their map locations, I may need your postcode to find the appropriate vintage Ordnance Survey map.

I am happy to supply the butterflies framed or unframed. I can also offer a limited number of beautiful antique butterfly cases, these came originally from the Natural History Museum.

 Any size of piece is possible from a 25cm frame to 50cm and everywhere in between and beyond.

As well as vintage map backgrounds, butterflies can be mounted on original artwork. I always add an embroidered linen label with the species Latin name. There is an artist label on the reverse of the work which has an individual serial number.

So please do not hesitate if you have any ideas, I will be happy to start a conversation.
Prices start at £150.