Thursday, 15 May 2014

New Designs

I've been rather lapse with my blog entries recently but that's because I've been creating new designs.
The first is a new bee brooch, I wanted a bee that was more 3D than my previous design so I set to on the body first. It was made with fabric that was first embroidered with the bee's yellow stripes, hi-lighted with gold threads. The fabric was then gathered, stuffed and sculpted with thread to create a plump little body.
The wings were made from silk organza with tiny sequins added to give the idea of drops of pollen. He has tiny glass beads for eyes and his legs and antennae are made with twisted twine.

So the bee was born and then I had a request for a ladybird, this was great fun I love being challenged and this was a great excuse to play. The body was made in a similar way to the bee, the wings were the exciting part. Made in layers of red silk with velvet spots, I covered the wings in shot organza, stitched and did some reverse applique. My signature micro sequins provided little flecks of light. The ladybird also has beaded eyes and cute legs and antennae. I've just been asked to make one as a mini fascinator!

The final new design is a poppy, made using the same techniques as my butterflies I loved getting the petal shapes just right and adding the tiny beads to create the stamens. I have now made them in three colours but I'm thinking of pink, white, purple ......... The possibilities are endless and then there's anemones.

The poppies are in my Etsy store at the moment the bees and ladybird are to order only please contact me at