Friday, 3 July 2015

The Dorset Blues !

Hello everyone, long time no blog! Work has been wonderfully hectic but I really wanted to share with you an exciting collaboration that has been happening since the beginning of May.

I was approached by a very lovely couple who were opening a garden themed shop/gallery in the gorgeous village of Corfe castle in Dorset. I just knew it was going to be something very special so I decide to create an exclusive range of work for them.

Based on the blue butterflies that inhabit the area of the Purbecks, the Dorset Blue collection was born.
I looked at 5 different species, the Adonis, the Chalkhill Blue, Speckled Blue, Holly Blue and Small Blue butterflies.

I started sketching first, creating the patterns and shapes. The next stage was developing them with individual characters, using a little artistic licence to make them suitable different. I made them first in layers of pure silk, with reverse applique, embroidery and beading.
This was closely followed by another collection using different Liberty fabrics in various blue tones.
Holly Blue and Chalkhill Blue- Liberty Collection.
The butterflies are available as brooches or as framed collections.

The collections and more loveliness can be found at Seasons Green, 14 West Street, Corfe Castle, Dorset, BH20 5HD.
A website is coming very soon.
Liberty Monarchs also available at Seasons Green.