Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Solder Stitch and Turn 3rd 4th & 5th December 2015.

I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee building up the strength and enthusiasm to load my car. It's that time of the year; lots of events to prepare for, lugging boxes in and out of unknown premises, wondering if anything will sell. Will my stand be in a corner, next to the loo, in the dark ? It's all those uncertainties that making taking part in any show quite stressful.
However this one will be different, with this one I have support. Not just my lovely long suffering hubby, but two makers who have become very dear friends since I met them at a show over 5 years ago. We hit it off immediately, shared the same sense of humour and had the same worries about exhibiting our work.
 Big shows can be very expensive, you don't really have any control about so many things, where you are, foot fall etc. So one day  we decided to do it ourselves on a small scale of course but we loved the idea that we could hold the purse strings for advertising, choose the location and get exactly what we expected.
So Solder, Stitch and Turn was born, this was my husband's brainwave. Solder is Karen Adams who makes the most exquisite silver jewellery, Stitch is me and Turn the very talented Sandra Adams who works in wood.


 & Turn
Our first venture was an exhibition in Dulverton in Somerset, the space looked beautiful, we laughed and chatted for a whole week, sold work ( always a bonus) gained confidence and made plans for world domination !
We also shared a venue for Art Trek. North Devon.

A year ago Solder, Stitch & Turn at Christmas was born. We decided to create our own gallery space in an Industrial unit in South Molton, a local market town. Again my husband came to the rescue, he's quite integral to this post, he owns premises which are used for fork lift truck training. It is lovely and light will loads of space. It was a great success, again filled with fun and at one point we had a queue !
So I think I'd better end this blog and get busy packing my work, I'm so looking forward to the next three days. We have learnt so much about publicity, signage, organisation, finance, cake making ( well not the last one for me). This year we are also demonstrating our making too, if you in the area please pop in and say hello. You are sure to get a very warm, happy welcome !